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Survey and a couple of integrations ⚡

New Feature

Acadle ‘Survey tool’ helps you get real-time feedback from your users to aid in enhancing their experience in the journey.

It also benefits you as a course administrator by providing 100% legitimate course reviews in real-time.

Benefits of Surveys in your LMS:

  • Create customized questions : You will save time by having built-in templates that may be customised with questions. You may quickly create surveys for your staff, partners, or consumers to fill out.
  • Get data timely : You may quickly collect data within the needed timeframe with the aid of surveys. You can examine the reports and devise future tactics based on them.
  • Help your employees become productive : With the help of surveys, understand their requirements and help them upskill.

Here are some of the features offered by the ‘survey tool’ on Acadle:

  • You can create multiple-choice, slider, checkbox, and open-ended types of questions
  • You can create time-bound surveys
  • You can clone an existing survey
  • Build anonyms and open surveys
  • Survey analytics report to analyze the responses.

Watch short video below;

🚀 Additional features:

  • Auth0 Integration
  • LinkedIn Integration (User login)
  • Work email validation for Linkedin users
  • Integration with Glynk
  • HubSpot Integration

🎉 Other Enhancements 

  • Course card listing UI Enhancements
  • Brand new API Documentation page with additional APIs
  • Other bug fixes and performance updates