New updates and improvements to Acadle

  1. Revamp announcement - Community to 'Engage'


    We just revamped our community as 'Engage', which will help you enable fruitful discussion within the academy. There are more features and enhancements coming to make your academy stronger and better.

    Let us know your comments :)


  2. 📢 Just launched - Segments & Reach Out!

    New Feature

    We have just launched two new features called 'Segments' and 'Reach out designed to keep your users engaged.


    To segregate your users based on their behavior inside the academy, by adding single/multiple conditions which they have to satisfy.

    Reach out:

    To help you send Dynamic/One-time emails to the users whenever the users satisfy the particular condition you have segmented.

    Watch this Walkthrough video

    If you need any support, write to us at

  3. UI/UX Enhancement ⭐

    New Feature

    Now your users can search for a particular course with the help of the 'Search by keyword' option available.

    We have also added a 'course category tab' for the users to filter courses as well.


    Click to Watch Video

    Smiles 😊


  4. 🔒 Security Enhancement in 'Widgets'


    We have made a security enhancement within the 'Widgets' integration.

    You can now restrict the widget's access to only the domains you have specified in the settings as an Admin.

    Widgets - Security Enhancements

    This improvement prevents anyone from embedding the same iframe to another platform/domain since you have restricted it only to the domains that you have specified.


  5. Survey and a couple of integrations ⚡

    New Feature

    Acadle ‘Survey tool’ helps you get real-time feedback from your users to aid in enhancing their experience in the journey.

    It also benefits you as a course administrator by providing 100% legitimate course reviews in real-time.

    Benefits of Surveys in your LMS:

    • Create customized questions : You will save time by having built-in templates that may be customised with questions. You may quickly create surveys for your staff, partners, or consumers to fill out.
    • Get data timely : You may quickly collect data within the needed timeframe with the aid of surveys. You can examine the reports and devise future tactics based on them.
    • Help your employees become productive : With the help of surveys, understand their requirements and help them upskill.

    Here are some of the features offered by the ‘survey tool’ on Acadle:

    • You can create multiple-choice, slider, checkbox, and open-ended types of questions
    • You can create time-bound surveys
    • You can clone an existing survey
    • Build anonyms and open surveys
    • Survey analytics report to analyze the responses.

    Watch short video below;

    🚀 Additional features:

    • Auth0 Integration
    • LinkedIn Integration (User login)
    • Work email validation for Linkedin users
    • Integration with Glynk
    • HubSpot Integration

    🎉 Other Enhancements 

    • Course card listing UI Enhancements
    • Brand new API Documentation page with additional APIs
    • Other bug fixes and performance updates


  6. Assessments and much more 🚀

    New Feature

    In the last two months, we added interesting features and enhancements to Acadle. Following are a few,

    Employee ID

    We got a lot of requests from the users to have a unique ID, such as an employee ID for users, which can also be pushed to Acadle using the API or whole auth using SSO. Now you have an Employee ID on Registration, and you can also search with employee ID on the user list; Employee ID is Included in Import and Export as well.

    Custom Design and Logo for Dark mode

    You can now upload two logos for both dark more and bright mode


    Another most important feature for the Essential plan (Previously Onboarding plan) users is live now. You can now start creating assessments and do a manual review.

    Add new assessment


    Assessment types


    Advanced settings


    You can review the submissions from the 'Results' tab and allocate marks for each question.

    Login Settings - Redesign

    We just optimized the Login page settings for a better experience and understanding, and SEO is combined with the login settings menu.


    Admin Settings - Redesign

    We made a couple of changes in the admin settings as well, such as combining all the integrations into a single tab, changing the Email settings layout etc.

    Integrations tab


    Email settings


    Custom Certificate Delete Option

    There is now an option for you to delete the custom certificate templates. Navigate to the custom certificate section to find the delete option


    Course - Next Lesson Restriction based on Quiz Mark

    Another most requested feature is live now, to restrict the next lesson access based on the Quiz mark or percentage. You can now control the content access inside the quiz settings. Let's say if you do not want the next lesson to be accessed if the mark is less than 40, just add the settings and enable the 'retake' option, so the user will take multiple tests until he gets more than 40 and then the next lesson will be unlocked for him.

    Disabling Other Lessons While Taking Quiz

    Oh yeah, another important one. You can now disable access to other lessons while taking a quiz.

    Lesson Groups Collapse Option

    A simple collapsable feature to save space and ease the user experience. I am sure you will love it.

    Domain Tab Moved to Admin Menu

    We figured that the admin wanted to control the domain white-labelling option based on the privileges. So moved the menu to the 'Admin' section.

    Lesson - Attachment Tool Enhancements - Option for Control Preview and Download

    This is another feature request we received from many to control the preview and download of the PDF attachment. You can now see a settings icon after uploading the PDF, where you can control these permissions.


    Option for Admin to Edit User Details

    We know you need a couple of controls over the user details; check the USER menu to update your employee/customer/student details.

    Additional form elements in the Invitation Accept form

    We added a couple of more elements, such as employee ID, phone number etc., to the registration form. Check the login settings for more details.


    Lessons Ajax Listing and Optimization

    Not a small task, but most wanted. We did all possible options to get the content loading faster. We have identified a few more possibilities from the DB and infra level and will do our best as early as possible to optimise more and load faster.

    Custom Email Templates

    You can now customise the email contents or add more content to the outgoing emails, such as verification emails, password reset emails etc. Check Admin >> Email settings >> Email template for more details.


    Subject and body variables are mentioned on the right if you want to use them.

    SMTP Restriction

    We realized our domain/emails were getting affected, as the users started reporting as spam when we sent them an auto email such as password reset, invite etc., on your behalf. So we have made it mandatory to add your SMTP to send any notification from the academy.

    I know this is a lot, but I hope you like these updates

    I know this is a lot, but I hope you like these updates ❤️


  7. Custom Avatars and Public Profile 🚀

    New Feature

    We just launched two new features,

    • Now you have a gallery full of creative Avatars. Allow your users to choose one of these as their profile pictures.

    Public Profile

    Your employees or students can now showcase their courses, community posts etc by enabling 'Public profile' and also get 'Claps' from others within the academy.

    Hope you like it ❤️


  8. Custom email templates :)

    New Feature

    We just launched the feature to change the default email content to anything you want or to any language. Login to the academy dashboard and check under

    Admin >> Email settings >> Templates

    Other updates:

    * Now you get the notification for discussions inside the lessons

    * Added additional items to the user export

    * Other minor enhancement and bug fixes

    custom email


  9. New Community UI & More

    New Feature

    Did you see our new community design? We are making it better and better, with a lot more added features.

    Check the new community design below;

    CleanShot 2021-11-06 at 10.32.44

    Other updates

    • Acadle Dark Mode ! The Dark mode is available now for both admins and users 🤩
    CleanShot 2021-11-06 at 10.41.04

    • Restrict Registration with specific domain: You can allow emails with only certain domains to register to your academy. For e.g. only users with and are allowed to register and get access, others are now (Training plan feature)
    • Timezone defaulting for user registration (now you can choose your local timezone as default)
    • County and country code defaulting (for user registration, the default country and phone number code will be pre-selected)
    • Course / lesson unlock on a specific date: Now you can choose when the lesson or course should be unlocked to the users
    • Notification bell with notification from Community: You can now get notifications when someone adds a comment on your post or reply to your comment 🔔


    • Course progress Report: progress percentage added
    • Lesson progress Report: quiz attempt, score are added

    Bug fixes

    • Acadle lessons sidebar - actions drop-down issue
    • Acadle login page settings background issue
    • Missing language keys updated
    • Member edit profile duplicate issue
    • Academy details - design fix
    • Widget video full-screen issue
    • SSO related issue


  10. What's new !

    New Feature

    Following are the new features available in Acadle now

    • You can now embed players such as Vadootv in the login page, instead of YouTube video
    • We got requests to default timezone for an academy, you can now choose from your Academy admin

    • You can now change the default background image of the login page


    • A new filter is available now in Academy Dashboard >> Users to filter by user's status (invited, deactivated etc)
    • We've added a new settings inside Academy Dashboard >> Admin >> Coniguration to disable the default announcement widgetConfiguration
    • There was an issue while cloning a course, the quiz was not getting copies. This is fixed as well