New updates and improvements to Acadle

  1. Video Courses , Course Templates and a lot more 🚀

    New Feature

    We've been working hard behind the scenes to ensure your Acadle experience is seamless, intuitive, and dynamic. We’re thrilled to present some exciting features that we believe will make your journey even more enriching. Let's dive right in!


    🎥 Introducing Video courses 🎥


    Say hello to our all-new Video Courses. Designed keeping in mind the modern visual learner, these courses prioritize video-based learning. With a layout meticulously crafted for a visual learning experience, you'll find it more engaging and intuitive than ever before. Dive into the world of immersive learning now!


    📚 Dynamic Lesson Templates : A Game-Changer 📚


    We understand that consistency is key in educational courses. Therefore, we're excited to introduce the ability to mark a lesson as a 'Template'. This dynamic feature means that if you make changes to a lesson designated as a 'template', those changes will automatically be reflected in every other lesson that uses this template. No more repetitive updates for multiple groups across various courses. Time-saving just reached a new level!


    💾 Save and Reuse with Our 'Static' Templates 💾


    Crafted the perfect lesson and wish you could replicate its structure across other lessons or courses? Well, your wish is our command! With the 'Save as Template' feature, you can now save any lesson as a 'static' template. This means that while you can replicate its structure wherever you wish, any changes you make to lessons using this template will remain unique to that lesson. Enjoy the convenience without compromising on individuality!


    Other updates;


    Academy Updates

    • Clone lesson - Simply re-use the same lesson within the same course with 'Clone lesson' feature
    • Bulk delete of codes - Tired of manually deleting access codes on by one? Now you can delete in bulk
    • Hide views in course listing - Find the settings in add /edit course popup
    • Option to hide star rating


    Community Updates

    • Option to hide discussion posted time
    • Option to hide comments count
    • Forum theme layout enhancement
    • Comments UI enhancement (threaded comments)
    • User listing UI Update



    • UI Responsibility issues
    • Header menu breaking issue
    • Unable to select groups properly on course add / edit access group dropdown
    • Asking login for public pages even if shared to public
    • Scroller issue in social theme (community)


  2. Updates (25th July 2023)

    • API Key Generation Security Fix
    • Option for generate unique links for lessons (detailed video coming soon)
    • Option to hide sign in button for public pages
    • Option to Disable rating after completing courses
    • Student user optimised course list with new design enhancements


  3. Affiliate feature is live 🤑 $

    New Feature

    We just launched one of the most asked feature within Acadle. Now you can launch affiliate program for your academies and grow your revenue.


    1. Enable Add-on

    2. Set pricing

    3. Enable affiliate for each pricing and set commission

    4. Enable affiliate program for users

    5. Done



  4. 31st May 2023




    • Engage module: Guidelines option was added.
    • Live class enhancement: screen sharing - related issue resolved
    • Option to change the banner of the forum
    • Option to reset the course progress of the user
    • Option to edit or delete groups.
    • Zip code validation change: Added option to add text as well
    • Rate course: deprecated plugin changed
    • Add-on purchase enhancement (purchase flow updated with proper messages, expiry check cron implemented)
    • A new automation tab was added under Admin > Integrations.
    • Engage forum design: responsiveness




    • Public lessons: file/image loading issue resolved
    • Quiz: edit question issue not working, fixed
    • API authentication fix: compatibility for,, and custom domains
    • Agency logo fix: (issue: showing the Acadle logo if the logo is not configured)



  5. Public link for courses and course sharing ⚡

    New Feature

    With our new feature, you can share the courses individually with users easily. You can share it with the users within the academy and externally too. Let us see how you can do it.    


    CleanShot 2023-05-15 at 20.56.21


    We have made sharing courses easy for you! Now share your courses individually within the academy and externally with our new feature. It gives you the following benefits:    


    • Sharing courses has now become extremely easy.    
    • You can share courses with individuals without forming groups.    
    • Your content can also be shared publicly using the shareable link.    


    You can go ahead and start sharing your courses with this option right away. We have released a help book for you to access the feature easily.    


    How do I share courses within the academy?    


    • Go to your courses in the admin section and click on the three dots to view the options.    
    • In the dropdown options, you can see the share option.    
    • Click on "Share" and enter the email of a registered user to share the course.    


    How do I share courses externally?    


    • After clicking on share, you can see a shareable link.    
    • Enable public access to the link.    
    • Copy the link and send it to anyone you want to share your course with. The user can view the course content without logging in to the academy.  


    Note: The link can be edited from the landing page settings.   


  6. New theme for your community - Discussion Forum 🤩

    New Feature

    We just added a new theme for your community. By default, the Engage feature has a 'Social' theme, which looks like below


    social theme


    Now you can change the layout to a discussion forum, from Academy Dashboard > Admin > Masters > Engage settings > Theme


    forum layout


    Watch this video for more details


  7. Public courses/community & more

    New Feature

    We have been continually working to help you get the best out of Acadle, and we are excited to launch the following updates in your Acadle.

    • Allow users to see a list of courses, from a particular Group without logging into your academy
    • Allow users to access the community content, from a specific set of Topics without logging into the platform. This will also help you benefit from the SEO that this content can bring to you
    • Navigate to the Configuration section under the Academy dashboard admin to try this feature
    • We've added an option to show/hide members of your community from the users. Showing users can bring up credibility if you have some notable users.
    • You can also hide the member list from the Topic details page as well
    • We have added a dedicated page for the Leaderboard to list all the users, by their score/position in the leaderboard. You may click on the leaderboard badge to see the details page link.


    There are much more updates coming your way :)



  8. Update: Connect courses + community

    New Feature

    While you went incognito this holiday, we added some cool updates to the community (Engage) feature. Following are the new additions, let me know your thoughts;


    • 🤝 Collaborative learning: This is a cool and unique addition, the discussions inside the lesson can now be converted automatically into a post inside the community. The access to the post and reply options will be restricted as per the course access. Also, discussions and replies from the community or inside the lesson will be available in both places. You also have an option to 'follow' the post to get alerts where there is any new reply or discussion.
    • 😎 Disable replies: As an admin, you can now 'stop' responses to a post
    • ⚠️ Report a post: Users can now 'report' a post to the admin if it's spam, offensive etc. and the admin can remove the post if necessary


    repor discussion


    • 👥 Who's following: Users can now see who is following a topic and the short profile of the followers


    Don't forget to join our community for all further updates. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with health, wealth, and joy.

  9. 'Engage' improvements (community)


    We've introduced a bunch of new enhancements inside the community (Engage) now. Following are a couple of those;


    • We've made some further updates to the new community UI
    • Engage - Ability to search based on author, topic etc., in the community
    • Feature a post in Engage - You can now feature a post, that displays on the right side as featured
    • Pin a post - You now have the ability to pin a post on top
    • Member listing in Engage - Now the users can see other members in the community, the visibility of users is based on the community privileges
    • Topic details page - We have introduced a new topics details page, where you can follow/unfollow a topic (to get alerts), list all the discussions under a topic, discover members inside a particular topic



    • Security updates and fixes
    • PDF visibility issues
    • Survey export